Wednesday, 24 August 2016

4 Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repair

Water heaters play a crucial role in every home. However, after years of use, they can start to wear down. Here are signs you may want to get yours repaired in the near future.

1. Rumbling Noises

You might hear rattling sounds coming from your water heater. It can be strange at first, but these noises are typically the result of sediment hardening and bouncing around in there. This can damage the unit if not dealt with promptly.

2. Rust-Colored Water

If you spot rusty water, then you need to ensure it is coming from the water heater and not the pipes in general. Drain about five gallons of hot water out of the heater, if it is still rusty-looking, then your heater has a problem.

3. Leaking Water

When you step in the room where your water heater is located, you may step onto a puddle. If a crack has developed, you need to get it fixed before you flood the area.

4. Too Old

Most water heaters are built to last around 10 years. Yours may not need to be repaired or replaced at that point, but at the decade-mark, you should at least get an inspection performed.

It is much easier to repair a water heater if any issues are addressed as soon as they are found. Visit this website if you believe you need water heater repair in Escondido.

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