Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Reasons to Hire a Plumber for Kitchen Remodeling

You’ve already chosen the cabinets, counter tops and appliances for your dream kitchen. Before any of the physical labor begins, here are some really good reasons to hire a plumber for kitchen remodeling.

Make Room for the Sink

Unless you’ve given the dimensions to the cabinet maker, it’s unlikely that he’s left enough room to mount the new sink beneath the new counters. If the piping doesn’t match up, you have two options. You can cut out the back of the new cabinets or remove the entire cabinet out so the plumber can reach the waste piping in the wall and lower it to the height of the new sink.

Fixing the Flooring

As part of the renovation, homeowners may want new flooring. To save on costs, they might choose not to extend that new floor beneath the appliances. A plumber who is installing your new dishwasher, however, may find that he can’t remove the old one because it now sits lower than the new floor. You will have to pull out the cabinets and dishwasher and install flooring beneath them as well.

To avoid these types of costly oversights and additional labor, it is a good idea to have a professional plumber involved in the renovation process. For more information about a kitchen remodel in Apex, visit this website.

The Benefits of Sewer Cleaning

For many homeowners, it’s usually a surprise when the sewer backs up. When that happens, it’s a good idea to contact a professional plumber instead of trying to clean it out yourself.

The Right Tools

Simple clogs can usually be cleared with an auger, hook or rooter system. Larger issues like leaking may call for digging up old pipes and replacing them, which usually involves using a pipe locator, back hoe, various cutters and other tools of the trade.

Alerting You to Other Problems

While working to clean and repair your sewer woes, plumbing experts can inspect the system and alert you to any additional concerns that may need repair. It’s always best to make repairs in a timely manner, so you’re not surprised again with a plumbing problem.

Skills and Experience

A plumbing license is a state requirement and applicants must have completed thousands of hours of hands-on training with a professional plumber. While it may seem overwhelming to the homeowner, a plumber is trained to handle sewer issues just like yours, whatever they may be.

Whether you are a homeowner or commercial property owner, you should always contact a professional plumbing business to make repairs to your system. Visit this website to learn more about sewer cleaning in Pittsboro.

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Signs You Have a Gas Leak

There are many things you should be on the lookout for as a homeowner and gas leaks are one of them. Gas leaks can be costly and even dangerous so you should take action right away if you suspect you have one. Signs of a gas leak include:

•    The smell of rotting eggs
•    Lack of hot water
•    Hissing noise near a gas appliance or pipe

What’s That Smell?

Gas is typically invisible and odorless, but gas companies add a bad smell so that you can notice a gas leak if one occurs. If you notice the smell of rotten eggs in your home that aren’t because of actual rotten eggs, it could mean you have a gas leak. A call to a professional is then in order.

No Hot Water

If you notice a reduction in hot water is another sign that you have a gas leak. If you notice a shortage of warm or hot water in your laundry room, bathrooms or kitchen, it’s possible there’s a leak in your gas pipeline.

Noises Near Appliances and Pipelines

If you have gas powered appliances you should listen for hissing, whistling or roaring sounds near the appliance or pipe. If you notice any of these things it could signify a leak and you should call a professional. For a company that offers great gas line repair in Carrboro, visit this website.

Advantages of hiring a commercial plumber

If you’re a business owner, or if you’re in charge of maintenance at your company, you probably know that plumbing problems can cause serious issues at your facility. For these toughest issues, your best option is to call on a professional commercial plumber to get things cleaned up and running smoothly.

Commercial Plumbers Are Used to Big Jobs

Drainage issues or clogs at home can be troublesome enough, but these problems are amplified when they occur in commercial buildings. But don’t worry, commercial plumbers are accustomed to working on these large-scale projects. These professionals have the skills, experience and equipment to handle the most challenging tasks.

Commercial Plumbers Are Licensed

Sure, you could hire a friend or acquaintance to look at your commercial plumbing problem. But if you hire a commercial professional, you get someone who is specially trained and licensed and who is insured. This gives you added assurance that you’re getting the best help possible.

Commercial Plumbers Know and Understand Local Codes and Regulations

Commercial plumbers will be keenly familiar with all the most up-to-date city codes and regulations. Your commercial plumber will know correct sizes and types of materials to use.

Don’t trust your building’s roughest job to just anyone. Click through this website to learn more about commercial plumbing in Triangle.

A Dripping Faucet Is Just the Beginning

It’s easy to ignore a dripping faucet when it starts, especially if it’s not constant or it’s just a small drop. But dripping faucets can be clues that there are bigger problems that need taking care of now.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

The Importance of Regular Drain Maintenance

There are many things to maintain in your home to keep everything working correctly. Drains are among them. There are many important reasons to keep your drains maintained including:

•    Preventing clogs
•    Eliminating bad odors
•    Saving time and money on plumbing

Preventing Drain Clogs

If you regularly maintain the drains in your home it helps prevent clogs from developing. Hair, soap scum, food and other items can cause drain clogs. If left unattended these clogs can be difficult to remove without the help from a plumber and professional tools.

Eliminating Odors

If clogs develop in your drains a smell can develop. Old hair or dead skin can build up and create a musty smell or develop mildew. In your kitchen sinks food particles can build up in your drain and pipes and rot or become moldy. Be careful to remove any food from your kitchen sinks to prevent a smelly surprise.

Save Time and Money

If you maintain your drains regularly you can prevent larger problems. By removing clogs before they become too big to manage, you save time and money. When clogs become too deep to retrieve yourself you will need to hire a professional plumber. Nasty clogs can also cause holes and leaks, making an even bigger mess. Check out this website to learn more about drain cleaning in Chapel Hill.